Know Your Rights / Conozca Sus Derechos

Presentations and Workshops What are my rights?  What can I do if the police pull me over?  What are my rights when the Border Patrol stop me?   How do I know if my rights have been violated?

Derechos Humanos “Know Your Rights” presentations and workshops raise awareness about the problems of border and law enforcement abuses, and facilitate the empowerment of community to assert their rights.

We encourage individuals to protect themselves by becoming informed of their legal rights and how to document and report law enforcement abuses. We work to raise public awareness about the problems of abuse, recruit and train volunteer legal rights “promoters” to provide ongoing rights education in their communities, and establish an advocacy network.

If you would like to learn more about our KYR workshop, or would like to request one for your home, community, or organization, contact Derechos Humanos today.

We invite you to use any of our materials that you or your organization might find useful in the spirit of defending human and civil rights:

Know Your Rights!


Border Patrol- Spanish

Border Patrol- English

Police- Spanish

Police- English


What is an abuse?

Programs Affected by Prop. 200


Know Your Rights Poster– Border Patrol- Spanish

Know Your Rights Poster– Police – Spanish

No Estamos Solos– Todos Tenemos Derechos!

NIOSH PROJECT IN YUMA Derechos Humanos is proud to be partnering with Campesinos Sin Fronteras and the UA College of Public Health in Yuma to promote human rights within Yuma County communities through the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  Through this two year project, we hope to raise awareness of the health and safety issues for border communities living in militarized areas, and demand justice for those put at risk because of border policies.

Below are the Know Your Rights materials– we invite you to share these with friends and allies along the border:

What is an abuse? (Yuma) No Estamos Solos- 4-per (Yuma)

Border Patrol- Spanish (Yuma) Police- Spanish (Yuma)

No Estamos Solos– Todos Tenemos Derechos! (Yuma)

Know Your Rights poster– Border Patrol (Yuma)

Know Your Rights poster– Police- Spanish (Yuma)

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