Arizona Public Media ran a story on “Dreams & Silhouettes” for its Jan. 23rd edition of AZ Illustrated. Story by Mary Olivas, produced by Luis Carrion with videography by Andrew Brown.

“La Estrella” covers “Dreams / Silhuetas” for the bilingual edition of the Arizona Daily Star. Story by Joseph Trevino.

Art critic and journalist Margaret Regan writes about the latest production of “Dreams and Silhouettes” for the TWeekly, featuring interviews with Uyehara and her ensemble.

Adam began his career in the nonprofit arts when he was 14 as an apprentice muralist to the painter Pasqualina Azzarello. Upon her introduction to the artists of Tucson’s Historic Warehouse District, Adam eventually made a name for himself as a volunteer designer and ultimately co-organizer for one of the largest public ceremonies in the Southwest, the annual All Souls Procession.